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"Together We Can Build New Bridges of Common Understanding"

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"Our Leaders At All Levels Of Government Have Failed Us"

That is why we need to Elect Sal Genovese to Represent us in Congress, to introduce Police Reform, Tackle Racism, Fix the Immigration System, end Homelessness, give Opportunities to the Poor, help Small Businesses Recover, reduce Taxes for Working Americans, as well as Eliminating Taxing Social Security and Unrmployment Benefits.   

‚ÄčThe COVID-19 Pandemic does not have to destroy our way of life.  Sal Genovese understands the hardships so many Americans have had to endure, and now with Vaccines available, it is time to safely open "Main Street America," by joing our Coalition to "Restart America."


Are you ready to get our Nation back on Track?  Sal Genovese a Veteran and a man of faith, knows that you are, so come Campaign with us, Donate, and Vote for Sal Genovese in 2022.  


During the COVID-19 Pandemic many of you were isolated, waiting to hear from your Congressional Representatives, but they were silent.  Sal Genovese understands that situation, for he reached out to many of his Neighbors in his Community, to help in any way that he could, and as your Congressman he will not abandon you. 


Sal Genovese and his Team will be there to assist you in any way that they can, for many People now are frustrated, for they feel their  Elected Officials and Governmental Agencies have failed them.  The Genovese Team will not fail you, for our goal is to work with you.

Need help, or have a question, call us, for Sal Genovese and his Team are here for you, in our Communties speaking about his Plans and Proposals, as well as to assist anyone that may be struggling, or requires information regarding their concerns, as part of Sal Genovese's "Community Awareness Program (CAP)."

We are asking Voters to join us, for as a moderate Democrat, Sal Genovese is aware of the importance of working with those in other Parties, in order to better serve the American People, for "Together We Can Build New Bridges of Common Understanding."  

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